Five Ways to Squeeze the Most From Your Summer

As we prepare to enter the final month of summer, here are five ways we can squeeze the last drop of summer from our calendars: 

1.  Eat summer foods. Fresh tomatoes, watermelon, and other fruits and veges will soon be gone. Enjoy them now and freeze some for the winter too. 

2. Enjoy the lazy days of summer. Grab your favorite book and head for your favorite place of relaxation—or invite friends over for glass of lemonade on the front porch and make the most of your time together with humidity as your back-drop. (Can you tell I’m not much of a summer person? 🙂 

3. Pour your favorite summer beverage like this one from Better Homes and Gardens. Sip slowly…for a new season is just around the corner. 

4. Take a hike. It’s still officially summer but here in the south a light breeze begins to tease us, making us yearn for cooler days and kaleidoscopic leaves. It’s the perfect chance for a hike, a game of Frisbee golf, or a nice stroll through town. 

5. Find the closest swimming hole and dive in! Many pools close in our area on Labor Day but lakes, mountain rivers (for wading), and other places invite you to one last swim for the season. 

Now, for those of you who know me, you’re well aware that I won’t be doing some of the things I shared above but I love it for those who savor this season (like my hubby.) My favorite season is fall, so be prepared! 

What’s your favorite season? Do you have another “fun in the sun” idea we could add to the above list? 


A New Season at Rhyme and Reason!

Summer officially begins June 21 but I’m kicking it off next Monday, June 17, as Rhyme and Reason celebrates a new “season” of its own.

I love to blog! (I hope that goes without saying.)

You—your time—remain at the forefront of my mind when composing each post, which is why I aim for a takeaway but choose to keep most posts brief. Beginning June 17, Rhyme and Reason will launch NEW ideas while holding to the same pattern.

Ideas like giving each day (M-W-F) a summer-related theme to build upon:

Mondays: H₂0, Quenching Your Spiritual Thirst Stop by and quench your spiritual thirst with a spot of inspiration in the form of a devotion, a photograph, scripture, etc. What better way to begin our week? 

Wednesdays: A Poetic PauseAn opportunity to peek in, catch your breath, and be revived. Poetry awaits. 

Fridays: Fireflies and Moon Pies™…Celebrating Summer Delights – Guest posts, recommended summer reads, yummy recipes, fun links, giveaways, and who knows what else?

Of course, if the Spirit leads otherwise on a particular day, we’ll follow. 

Thank you for your time, your support, your encouragement, and especially your friendship. 

Beautiful words stir my heart.
I will recite a lovely poem about the king,
for my tongue is like the pen of a skillful poet. 
Psalm 45:1 NLT
 To God be the glory…today and always. 
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