5 Ways to Infuse Poetry Into Your Life


by Cathy Baker

April is National Poetry Month so let’s celebrate!


5 Ways to Infuse Poetry Into Our Daily Lives
  1. Put a poem in a letter: “It’s always a treat to get a letter, but finding a poem in the envelope makes the experience extra special.”
  2. Celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day: “The idea is simple: select a poem you love, carry it with you, then share it with co-workers, family, and friends.”
  3. Take a Poem Out to Lunch: “Adding a poem to lunch puts some poetry in your day and gives you something great to read while you eat.”
  4. Start a Commonplace Book: “Since the Renaissance, devoted readers have been copying their favorite
    poems and quotations into notebooks to form their own personal
    anthologies called commonplace books.”
  5. Visit a poetry landmark: “Visiting physical spaces associated with a favorite writer is a memorable way to pay homage to their life and work.”

To read the article in its entirety, which includes all 30 ideas, please visit The American Academy of Poetry.


3 Favorite Poetry Quotes

Poetry is an echo asking a shadow to dance. – Carl Sandburg

Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words. – Edgar Allen Poe
Always be a poet, even in prose. – Charles Baudelaire


In Him we live and move and have our being; as even some of your own poets have said, “‘For we are indeed his offspring.'”
Acts 17:20


My Friday Fave: Writing the Life Poetic

On this final Friday of National Poetry Month, I’d like to share one of my absolute favorite books on the art of writing poetry. Perhaps the page tabs peeking out from the top give that away. You should see the pages!

From the back cover:

Poet Sage Cohen invites you to slow down to the rhythms of your creative process and savor poetry by:

  • Offering explorations of the poetic life and craft 
  • Inspiring a feeling of play instead of laborious study
  • Weaving together lessons in content, form, and process to provide a fun and engaging experience
  • Inviting you to add poetry to your creative repertoire

If forced to choose two books on this poetic journey, it would be Writing the Life Poetic and Mary Oliver’s A Poetry Handbook

This is a book to savor, to mark-up, and to soak up. 


“Poetry is just the evidence of life. 
If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.”
Leonard Cohen

Friday Fave: Poets and Writers Magazine

The celebration continues for National Poetry Month. 

If you know me, you know I have a penchant for magazines — and Poets & Writers is no exception. 

Although it’s advertised as being written for both lovers of poems and prose, I would suggest you save your money if you’re not interested in poetry as this is their primary focus.

Each issue offers informative articles (some pithier than others) and information on contests, so I personally consider it a wise investment. 

If you’d like to take advantage of their writing prompts and other opportunities, visit Poets & Writers Web site. It too is one of my faves. 

Let’s have a glorious weekend as we tell of all His wondrous deeds through writing, speaking, teaching, and countless other ways — living intentionally for His glory!

I will give thanks to you, LORD, with all my heart;
I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.
Psalm 9:1

Friday Fave: April, National Poetry Month

In honor of National Poetry Month, a favorite poem by a favorite poet:

Last Night the Rain Spoke to Me 
by Mary Oliver

Last night
the rain
spoke to me
slowly, saying,

what joy
to come falling
out of the brisk cloud,
to be happy again

in a new way
on the earth!
That’s what it said
as it dropped,

smelling of iron,
and vanished
like a dream of the ocean
into the branches

and the grass below.
Then it was over.
The sky cleared.
I was standing

under a tree.
The tree was a tree
with happy leaves,
and I was myself,

and there were stars in the sky
that were also themselves
at the moment
at which moment

my right hand
was holding my left hand
which was holding the tree
which was filled with stars

and the soft rain—
imagine! imagine!
the long and wondrous journeys
still to be ours.

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