Old Friend from Far Away

Natalie Goldberg’s Old Friend From Far Away, The Practice of Writing Memoir grabbed me from the get-go.

You may never aspire to write a memoir, but recalling the details of our lives is a worthy endeavor—for ourselves as well as future generations.

Snippets from today’s prompts (go ahead, give it a try!):

  • Begin with the words “I Remember…”, writing 10 minutes without pause. Be specific. Do not correct grammar. Just write.
  • Write a memory of your mother, aunt, or grandmother for 2-3 minutes without pause. Be specific. What color lipstick did she wear? Did she have an interesting habit?
  • Share about a meal you loved. Where were you when you ate it? What was the weather like out the window? Who were you with? How old were you?

Pithy writing prompts interspersed with practical advice earns this old friend a place on my bookshelf for years to come.

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