10 {Meaningful} Valentine Gifts Money Can’t Buy

Gifts Money Can't Buy

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to gift those you love with something far more meaningful than flowers or candy. Or books. Wait, what?

No doubt the Beatles were onto something with the lyrics “Can’t Buy Me Love”. Love⎯real love⎯cannot be purchased or persuaded. This kind of love cannot be bound by a date circled in red on our daily calendar. It deserves to be wooed year-round and is not limited to spouses. The ideas below can also be gifted to others, including singles and widows in your life who could use a little extra love this Valentine’s Day.

So here are ten no-bow-required ideas for Valentine’s  Any Day.

Priceless Valentine Day Gifts

A Road Trip

Okay, so there’s gas money involved but you get the idea. Take your spouse to a place nearby that holds a special meaning for you both. For us, it’s Applebees and we still celebrate our first date in 1990 by eating dinner there every January 6th. Don’t have such a place? It’s time you create one. Or visit the place where you gave your life to Christ. Once in a blue moon, I still drive by the brick duplex where my condemnation kneeled in the presence of unconditional love.

A Bloody Lip

The gift is biting your lip, not bloodying the lip of another.  One of the best gifts we can give to another is to speak less and listen more. {At least that’s what I’ve been told *wink*}. Seriously, there are times I have to pray to be more aware of what I’m blurting out – like in the car. I’m not a great passenger. Most of us know what pushes the buttons of those closest to us and it’s our responsibility to not only be aware of those buttons but to also be proactive in promoting peace. Even if it means biting your lip once in awhile.

A Skill

Are you a whiz at saving money at the grocery store? Offer these skills to a new wife or mom trying to make ends meet. Mad skills in the kitchen? Offer your help to a new college grad setting up their own place. Like to clean? {You are my hero} Offer a final clean up job for someone moving. Like to piddle with cars? A single mom would love your help. The list goes on.


People who have trouble forgiving others have yet to grasp the depth of their own sin. There it is. It probably hurts as much to read that statement as it was to write it. But the truth is when I struggle to forgive I need only look in the mirror to be reminded of how much God has forgiven me. And the crusty layer of bitterness attempting to form around my heart is divinely pummeled to pieces. Forgiveness is not only a gift we give to others. It’s also one we give to ourselves.

A Sticky Note

Or a dozen. Nothing says “I love you” like sticky notes proclaiming the specific reasons you {and/or God} love another plastered all over the house. Add a Hershey’s kiss to each one? Boom!

A Prayer

I would rather the prayers of one person who I’m confident will pray than ten dozen people promising to pray. Follow up a time of prayer for a person with a note letting them know how you prayed specifically on their behalf. Or if you’re with the person, pray with them on the spot.


This is intended to be a tad different from sharing a skill in that you don’t require any skills to simply serve someone else. Deliver a meal. Serve a meal. Welcome someone new at church. Babysit for a single mom. Cut grass for the elderly person down the street. Visit a nursing home. Again, the list goes on.

Your Time

It’s our most precious commodity so to give it away to another is a gift no bow can wrap itself around. Take a walk together, plan a hike, go out for coffee even though you have a Keurig at home (no distractions). Sit around a campfire with a marshmallow in hand (along with a Hershey bar…and graham cracker, of course). Or set aside a specific time each week with the sole purpose of catching up with one another.

Write A Poem

Yes, a poem. You don’t have to be Mary Oliver or Robert Frost to pen your feelings in a melodic way. Need help getting started? Here’s a link on how to write a poem for Valentines Day.

Write A Love Letter

If writing poetry intimidates you, turn to a letter. Spilling your heart onto the pages are priceless gifts that are sure to be tucked away for further reading in the future. Could it possibly serve as a tangible reminder for the generations that may one day plunder through their family’s possessions? We never know. I’ve discovered priceless letters to loved ones in my family homes and they are treasured.

Now let’s go love on others with the indescribable love of Christ!

Do you have another idea to add? Or is there one above you plan to try this year? Please share in the comment section.


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Friday Fave – Writing Tides

Favorite quotes included in Writing Tides, a recent read by Kent Ira Groff :
Writing is a way of paying attention to things twice, savoring their layers, their essence. -Groff
The world is charged with the grandeur of God…And for all this, nature is never spent; There lives the dearest freshness deep down things. -Gerald Manley Hopkins, God’s Grandeur
No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader. -Robert Frost
Worriers have active imaginations.  So use your creative gift to create optional endings to the same predicament. That’s the stuff novels are made of. That’s why they’re called novels—they give you a novel slant on the peculiar dynamics of life. -Groff
Many of the best insights come unbidden in a moment of not thinking directly about a subject. -Groff
There are years of our lives that ask questions and years that answer. -Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God
Swimming lessons are better than a lifeline to the shore. -C.S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory
Healthy disciplines embody oscillating tides of solitude and solidarity, contemplation and communication, resting and risking, silence and speech. -Groff

The Wandering Reader Delivers

“The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
And miles to go before I sleep.”
– Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, Robert Frost

While difficult to pinpoint a favorite Frost poem, Snowy Evening nears the top of my list, which is why this handcrafted/customized necklace was the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Everything about The Wandering Reader is impressive: customer service, craftsmanship, and did I mention the affordable pricing? Erin saw me through from beginning to end with ease, so it came as no surprise when this delightful box landed on my doorstep…just in time for the big day.

Do you have a quote from a favorite poem, song, or book you’d like to share via a beautiful handcrafted necklace? Stop by The Wandering Reader, Handmade Gifts and Jewelry for the Bookish today!

(Click on picture above for a closer view.)

Friday Fave – A Jeep on a Snowy Day

Imagine my delight while watching the Winter X games last weekend when this commercial appeared.

Two favorites in one:

  • Jeep (I’m spying “new” vehicles and a Jeep Sahara caught my eye last week.)
  • Robert Frost—especially where Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening is concerned.

Commercials will be in the spotlight this Sunday night but as far as I’m concerned, the winner has already been decided.

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