Creating A Memorable Summer Vacation

When I saw these Butterfly Snacks on Facebook (compliments of Juggling With Kids) I couldn’t help but think of our own boy’s summer vaca’s. 

As an only child, I was happy slapping mud pies into tin plates on my grandmother’s back steps for my imaginary customers, so coming up with summer ideas for two little boys didn’t exactly come naturally.

But I wanted to create good memories for our boys so I sought reinforcement via Focus on the Family. I purchased 4 books that are now out of print but were priceless at the time.

Thankfully, the internet now offers a plethora of resources for moms like me. In addition to Juggling With Kids, here are some more to enjoy with your children/grandchildren:  

  • Thriving Family: A FREE summer activity calendar (takes only a moment to register)
  • Summer Ideas for Kids on Pinterest (awesome craft and food ideas)
  • 100 Summer Fun Ideas for Kids and Parents
  • Devo Kids, Summer Butterflies

Just like first impressions we’re given but one opportunity to create meaningful moments with our children. Let’s redeem the time!


Creation beckons us to open or eyes to the wonders of God. Look for a place outside where all you can see is God’s creation. If you’re in an urban area, consider visiting a park and lying down under a tree where all you can see is its branches and slivers of sky above. Spend fifteen minutes simply sitting or resting in the place. Pay attention to the details-the textures, the colors, the intricate care with which God formed creation. Allow yourself to spontaneously respond to God in thanks and worship, celebrating the wonders of creation all around.

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