by Cathy Baker

Four Friday’s into the month of February and I’m still LOVING tiny houses. 

At first glance, I’m a bit underwhelmed by today’s selection.

don’t know if it’s the weathered look or the slightly cluttered feel of
the setting, but the only thing here that visually appeals to me is the
fact that it’s a tiny house on a wooded lot.  

Pic 2

Then, the door opens
to this {2nd pic.} A light, airy space never suspected from the
outside looking in. White boards, shiny floors, and my oh my, the

Pic 3

As you move through the room, one can’t help but notice the turn-table and leaning vinyl {3rd pic.} Sold! 

And finally, {4th pic} the warm woody feel of the attic lends itself to the perfect music room (or reading nook?)

Would you have ever guessed this bright clean space was hiding behind the weathered exterior? Me either.

too often, houses aren’t the only things I judge at first glance. I’ve
driven past restaurants because of their appearance, determined a person
can’t sing in a TV contest because they don’t “look like the type that
could sing.” Whaaat? 

Littlethings.com,  pic 4

What’s worse, I’m sometimes quick to judge
people based on their outward appearance, a particular facial gesture,
or the way they ride my bumper.

So with this final shout out to Tiny Houses I’m reminded that many of us can relate with the first impressions and how they can lead us astray. 

What do you think? What most surprised you about behind the doors of this particular tiny home? 

As we wrap up our February series on all things LOVE, I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to spend time with me here @ Fragrant Ink. I especially appreciate all the participation. What a blessing! 

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