by Cathy Baker

Flowers will be delivered, chocolates devoured, and dinners dimly lit by candlelight will be enjoyed.

Others will enter empty, hushed homes Saturday night. And it’s here where my heart stirs and longs to reach outward.

Oh yes, His presence is there with them, but we are His hands and feet. 

In years past, I’ve made cards to send to those without a Valentine but this year I purchased a pack of 8 at Target. Because I sign them from Jesus, our true Valentine, it’s important to find appropriate text inside printed cards. For instance, the pack I picked up this year says: Today is all about matters of the heart…and you totally matter to mine. Happy Valentines Day.

My cards will go to singles, two widows, an elderly woman, and a lonely warrior. I don’t share these specifics for an “attagirl!” I simply want to focus our attention on ways we can put the gospel on display this Valentine’s Day, especially to those who may need it the most this time of year. 

So, does anyone come to mind? Act on it and see what God can do. 

Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth. 1 John 3:19

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