by Cathy Baker

I LOVE sweet revelations. 

Brian: “What would you like for Christmas?” 
Me (without hesitation): “Time management sessions.”
Brian: “No, really.” 
Me: “Really.” 

Little did he know I was referring to sessions with one of the sharpest women I know, Cynthia Owens, of Go With Vision…Simplifying Work and Life. We’ve been friends for years, she leads our CrossNPens writer’s group, and has a stellar reputation in corporate settings.

Cynthia Owens

During a recent session, Cynthia laid two pieces of notebook paper on the table. On one, a list of to-do’s for my part-time job. On the other, my writing projects. It was a heavy work week (training) resulting in sparse writing. I love love love my new PT work at the church but I’d missed my writing time that week. 

Cynthia nudged the sheets till they touched and asked, “Why does one get preference over the other?” After a few seconds of silence, she answered, “Because someone is waiting on this,” as she pointed to my work list. “No one is waiting on this,” pointing to my writing projects. 

And there it was in all His glory.

I knew what Cynthia meant. More than likely, no one would email or text for updates on my writing projects. It’s a self-motivated kind of calling. While I heard her words, my soul perceived this sweet revelation instead: 

Only God knows how many people are “waiting on this” —
 your writing.

It may be one person. It may be thousands. Only God knows. All I know—all we know—is that we are to engage our God-given gift regardless if anyone expects it or not. 

Oh, the sweet revelations of our heavenly Father, taking mere mortal words and transforming them into heavenly ones.  

How great are your works, O Lord!
    Your thoughts are very deep!
Psalm 92:5 

Note: If you’re interested in seeking Cynthia’s help but do not live locally, don’t despair! Contact her about long distance options via her Web site at Go with Vision.

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