Tiny House Tuesday

There it was in all its glory.

One moment, I’m handing Brian tools and the next, I catch sight of the glorious sky framed for a private viewing.


Sky Framed in Glory


Working on the tiny house this summer has offered moments of both victory and defeat. At times, it’s easy to become bombarded by the details of the build. A break is needed and mine is taken in the doorway-to-be because mountain breezes have a way of making a person feel at ease.

But tiny frames of glory do too.

Like the bright violet patch I discovered behind the house that flooded my mind of grandmother’s backyard all those years ago. Or the day we saw a fawn run across the yard, not so far from where we stood. And then there was the bee that thought he was a hummingbird. Turns out it’s an uncommon sort of bumbler that’s found only in particular regions. We never know what we’ll see while working on our tiny house on the hill.

These days, we’re busy nailing down mega sheets of plywood in preparation for the metal roofing. One by one, the sheets slowly obscure the framed sky which I’ve grown to love over the months.


Yes, the sky is wide open and hard to miss when you step outside, and yet, there’s something about having it framed in all its glory that makes one pause to take notice.


It makes me wonder how often I go about my day missing God’s framed moments of glory.


Yes, stop and smell the roses, but for goodness sake, let’s not stop there.

“…to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord…”

Psalm 27:4 NIV


What’s one beautiful sight the Lord has framed for you this week?

Exciting News about the New Blog with Tiny House design

Next Tuesday, September 18th, I am scheduled to re-launch the blog with:

  • A NEW title (Hint: If you enjoy Tiny House Tuesday I think you’re gonna LOVE it!)
  • A NEW image
  • A NEW gift for subscribers
  • A NEW monthly letter

If you’re wondering what will stay the same, I will prayerfully continue to:

  • SHARE creative ways to connect with God and others
  • INSPIRE creativity in daily life
  • INVITE meaningful reflection on the small {seemingly insignificant} moments when God makes Himself known

Join me next Tuesday to celebrate the re-design! There will be {tiny} fun giveaways and a NEW gift for subscribers. And if you happen to be as excited as I am, I’d love your help in sharing it! {Thank you}

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