On Tuesday night, our “Women in the Word” Colossians study came to a close. Each season (Summer ’08, Fall ’08 and Winter ’09) has been special in its own way, but this particular study stood out for a few reasons in my opinion:

  • Meeting in a home environment seems to put people at ease. All the “walls” are dropped and the heart is opened. Thank you KT! We’re already looking forward to meeting on your breezy screened-in back porch beginning in June for our summer study in Galatians.
  • There were several more people from CRCC this time around that I had not seen since our departure last March. I had missed these ladies so much. What a blessing to have our paths cross again!
  • I learned something every week from these godly women. I left KT’s house every Tuesday night in awe over the women God brought together for this study. I can’t wait to see who He’ll bring in June!

On Wednesday morning, I had the pleasure of visiting my sweet 90 year old grandmother “Ma-Ma”, who resides at NHC — a wonderful and safe place for her to be. Although her memory is quickly slipping, her smile is as steady as ever. This past weekend, I came across this photo taken back in 2004 when my grandfather “Pa-Pa” turned 90. I was struck by the twinkle in their eyes for each other even after all those years together (60+). Although Pa-Pa is now in heaven, the twinkle in her eyes still sparkle when she says his name. A sweet love story indeed:

Today, there were errands to run and a lesson to prepare, but I’ll be honest. In between all these moments, ideas for my yard were swirling around in this head of mine! I wish I’d been able to plant a few things before the rain comes, but time did not allow. That’s okay, though, planning is half the fun anyway, and I hope to have some time tomorrow to do just that while sipping on a cup of tea surrounded by the pitter-patter of rain.

Lesson Prepping + Garden Planning + Cup of Tea (and coffee!) + Cold Rainy Day = A fine day indeed!

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