Kaleidoscopic balloons paraded past our home Sunday afternoon, but none surpassed the height of my imagination—or desire—to one day have a cozy, i.e. tiny, weekend cabin in the NC mountains.

Care to join me as we float stroll through the sleepy town of Saluda NC, this weekend’s destination?

Yes, it’s my imagination in overdrive, but when I see abandoned cottages such as these, the dreaming begins—and two words usually follow: What if…

Iron gates, lupines, regal hostas, crunchy gravel, and winding paths canopied by dogwoods and mellowed oak trees. It’s no secret…this garden is dreamy!

Once an ancient church, a prim and proper residence now sits atop one of the oldest and most narrow streets in town.

A bunny. (Okay, not everything required an imagination, but it was fun nevertheless!)

Community personified. Family names proudly written on the white stakes reveal the caretakers who tend to their particular garden plot. Is that “Baker” I see written on the back left stake?

Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

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