Pause: To cease or suspend an action temporarily; to linger; tarry; to hesitate

Over the past 24 hours, pausing has added value to my life in these ways:

1. I paused at an intersection. It saved the right side of my CRV — and maybe more.

2. While walking through the yard, the sweet fragrance of our tea olive beckoned me to pause, and I did. I took it in for all it was worth and thanked the Lord for surrounding me with such wonderful treats.

3. While having coffee with a friend, my pausing before speaking saved me from saying something I’m glad I didn’t say. 🙂 Now, I wish I could say THAT more often!

4. Pausing allowed me to consider the calories I was about to intake — and I made a wiser choice as a result.

5. Pausing, in general, this week has been much like a breath of fresh air. I’m reminded of our study last Sunday on Psalm 23 where the Shepherd leads the sheep to a place of rest and refreshment. I was in desperate need of both and He provided… as always. 🙂

Needless to say, I need to pause more often.

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