So, you’re probably asking at this point what kicking a can has to do with scenic pictures of snow.

If you’re a fellow Twilight Zone fan you may recall the episode where a senior citizen in the local nursing home fondly remembered playing “kick the can” as a child. He longed to play again and asked other residents to join him, but they declined.

When Zach called to say that he and Sarah were walking over with sleds in hand, Brian turned to me, smiled and said, “Let’s kick the can!”, pointing out how easy it is to become too comfortable as we age, believing we’re too old to participate in certain activities — when in actuality, it’s more a matter of comfort. He was right (as usual).

With that, he and I suited up, headed to the park, and proceeded to kick the can sled down hills with our kids.

We had a blast! (We missed you Brandon & Megan!)

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