Somebody is ready for the beach!


  • Good results at Weight Watchers meeting. Thank you, Zumba!
  • Work began to rebuild/refinish porch posts on our 100 year old home. Finally.
  • Hubby worked all day in the yard checking off the “honey-do” list. What a guy!
  • A Pride & Prejudice marathon. (Colin Firth’s version, of course! Is there any other?)


  • Poetry workshop at Emrys (future blog post)
  • Piper-time in the afternoon (see above picture). Loved hanging out with the kids!
  • Waited out a mad storm in Ross. Really? I dashed in for one item. We sat there thinking of all the places we’d rather be stuck — but thankful to have escaped the hailstorm.


  • Served as a greeter in the church we’ve been visiting. (Blessing alert!)
  • Heard THE best message on baptism ever. While respectful of other modes, Jason spoke truth boldly — based on the Word, period. I’m not sure when their sermons post online, but when they do, you can find it here.

It was a busy — but extraordinarily blessed weekend. See picture above. Again. ๐Ÿ™‚

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