Tiny House

I never saw it coming⏤this dream becoming a reality.

Only months ago, while enjoying breakfast with dad at Panera, I shared a story from the internet of a teenager who built his own tiny house. My excitement must’ve been contagious because he inspired me to get started on my own tiny space. The best part was his willingness to come help whenever possible.

And then there was my hubby, who sacrificially set aside his hard-earned bonus and a ton of hours, for both the planning and building of this tiny beaut.

With plans in hand, Brian and I trudged up the hill one brisk March morning. I quickly learned that the term weekend warriors is code for slow and steady. Currently, we’re about halfway finished, but the Victorian tiny house above is our end goal.


So you might wonder why the NEW site design is launching before she’s finished.


I suppose I could have waited for the final step {say, the propping of my favorite books on the antique mantel} but I decided not to for two reasons:


  • Joy is in the journey. What if we waited to celebrate the birth of a baby until his arrival? The gender reveals, baby showers and shopping would move to the back burner. No way. Let the celebration begin! I appreciate all the excitement you’ve shared over this tiny house journey and I can’t imagine doing it without you.
  • Most importantly, the foundation of this blog is built on Someone much bigger than a tiny structure built by man.


What Are Mustard Seed Moments and Why Do They Matter?


Like you, I marvel at the unique ways God uses seemingly insignificant moments in our daily lives to draw us closer to Him. While we may or may not ever encounter a burning bush moment, we encounter small ones every day. Like a word aptly spoken, a glass of water, a simple hug, or a gathering of two or three for prayer. Remember, it was a single tear from a baby that moved the heart of Pharaoh’s daughter. (Exodus 2:6) Nothing⏤absolutely nothing⏤is too small for God to grow for His glory.



Few things this side of heaven inspire and spur us on more than recognizing the power of our own mustard seed moments. Share on X


And that, my friend, is the underlying purpose of this community. Together, we will continue to share creative ways to connect with God, inspire creativity in daily life, and invite meaningful reflection on the small but marvel-worthy moments God places on our paths.


What Happens When the Tiny House on the Hill is Complete?


The future is an exciting one! Here are some plans in the making:

  • First and foremost, I plan to dedicate the house to the Lord with a prayer gathering of friends surrounding the Tiny House on the Hill. Want to join the circle of prayer? You’ll have that opportunity closer to completion. {Thank you!}
  • Depending on the season, an Open House opportunity might arise. This may or may not coincide with the prayer gathering.
  • I’ll take subscribers on a private behind-the-scenes tour. *love this community*
  • Online Bible studies hosted from the house, and hopefully an in-house {tiny} study can happen too.
  • Writers and readers alike can share the {tiny} space for a day.
  • Down the road, a pocket-size podcast just might blossom!
  • And last but not least, a memoir-ish book is also in the works based on our Tiny House on the Hill experience. The number of people who’ve shared interest in this journey overwhelms me. {Thank you!}


Some might argue that, without a kitchen, this Tiny House on the Hill doesn’t meet the requirements to be called a “house.” Perhaps this is true for architects, but not for us dreamers. We know that the true definition of a house isn’t confined to walls, floors, and kitchen sinks.


A house is where our soul feels at home to explore, create, and simply be.


Make yourself at home here in the Tiny House on the Hill.




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“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.”
Izaak Walton


{A special thanks to my favorite techie, Susan Stilwell of Fistbump Media, who made this re-design possible. She can make even the dullest of stars shine.}

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