Things Learned During Our Weekend Getaway:

  • When surprising the hubby with a “Happy Anniversary” script instead of the standard “Happy Birthday, Cathy” on the cake, be sure to first alert the clerk at the bakery when he’s present for the pick-up. The surprise fizzled quickly.
  • If there are specific things that would enhance your vacation, say — space, windows, ample lighting, a table, or stricter enforcement on the “no smoking” policy indoors, don’t settle for pictures alone. Ask questions ahead of time. Upon arrival, what I initially believed to be a cute but quaint tool shed was, in fact, our getaway for the next three nights. Brian was relieved I’d made those reservations.
  • Wear comfy shoes even if you think you’ll only be shopping for a short period of time (I’m not a shopper!)
  • Wear comfy shoes (it bears repeating).
  • It pays to talk to the locals. While in an antique store, we were invited to a large local inn for an evening of music. And then it happened. The owner of the inn shared how it’s haunted by a little girl who likes to pull on skirts. Green River BBQ, my new book, and a Law and Order Criminal Intent marathon never sounded so good.
  • And last but not least, never underestimate the hubby—or the joy of preparation. He surprised me with an Ipad 2 for my birthday/anniversary and being the prepared person that I am, i.e., hard-hitting-hint-dropper, I went ahead and purchased a manual, tucking it in my luggage just in case. 🙂

Overall, it was a great time away, but there truly is something sweet about coming home… and leaving the tool shed behind.

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