One of the things Brian and I look forward to the most on New Year’s Eve/Day is the Twilight Zone marathon. Rod Serling was the man!

Any TZ fan has their favorites. These are my top 5
(it wasn’t easy)… and the take-away:

The Changing of the Guard
A vivid reminder of how one life can impact so many others…
unbeknownst to that person.

The Obsolete Man
In the Kingdom, there’s no such thing as “obsolete”.

Nothing in the Dark
Robert Redford stars – need I say more?
(Brian always teases me by saying that if that is what death looks like, I’m probably ready.)

A Stop at Willoughby
Who isn’t in search of a little “Willoughby”?

Book lovers should always keep an extra pair of glasses on hand… and a bank vault.
We feel your pain, Mr. Henry Bemis!

If you’re a Twilight Zone fan, I’d love to know your favorite(s)! Here’s a list of episodes to help.

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