Brian and I will be heading out soon for our annual Anniversary/Birthday weekend in NC, with Rupert of course! ha… Thankfully, he’s a good traveler. Much better than me. 🙂

Today I called my favorite bakery – McFarlen Bakery (located in the beautiful downtown area of Hendersonville, NC) to place an order — for my birthday cake! I’ve ordered my own cake for years – not because Brian wouldn’t – but because I… well, like it a certain way: WHITE cake (not cream, light yellow or butter yellow — white!), thick white buttercream icing (no whipped junk!) and lots of piped flowers and leaves in Fall colors! Gee, I feel so transparent.

So, the real fun always begins when I place the order. Like today. After giving her all the specs, she asked if I’d like any writing on it. After a little hesitation (and I do mean little) I asked her to write “Happy Birthday Cathy” on the cake. Then came the dreaded question. And, what is your name? Umm…. Cathy. Once she finished giggling, the order was finally completed. I’ll take a picture of it and post it on a future blog.

I think the only internet access we’ll find is at Black Bear Coffee Company, also located in downtown Hendersonville, and one of my favorite places to be. Hopefully we’ll be able to catch up on emails and perhaps post a quick blog before we return.

I have lots more packing to do — can’t decide which books/magazines to take, or maybe I should say, which ones not to take. Brian and I are looking forward to rocking on the screened porch and seeing nothing but beautifully painted leaves by our Creator. The fresh cool air will be much like a welcome mat to this old soul.

NC, here we come!

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