Picture it.

What you hear:

  • 70’s music galore
  • the sound of magazine pages slowly being turned, one by one

What you don’t hear:

  • bluegrass music
  • lots of laughter (thankfully, Brian and I have the same sense of humor which is sorely missed when he’s away)

What you see:

  • a very pathetic puppy named Rupert (see above)
  • empty Breyers Ice Cream cartons
  • dancing that only Elaine fans could appreciate
  • chick flicks into the wee hours of the morning

What you smell:

  • coffee brewing
  • candles burning
  • Eucalyptus Mint Method Tub & Tile Wipes (have mercy! They almost smell good enough to make me enjoy cleaning…almost.)

What you don’t smell:

  • anything cooking in the oven

It’s times like these when Brian is thankful to be married to an only child (aka loner). I love being by myself for short periods of time but not nearly as much as I enjoy the hubster being here. He’s heading home from France today (yea!).

Goodbye Eucalyptus Mint. Hello Easy Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner.

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