When you’re reading, writing, exercising, driving — what do you prefer to have playing in the background?

My curiosity is piqued as I’m convinced what plays in the background can often influence what is being lived out in the foreground of our daily lives.

For me…

Reading/Studying: Silence (perhaps the sweetest sound of all?) allows me the privilege of absorbing each word, “chewing” it well, and inviting it to settle in my heart. Hearing extraneous words reminds me of a drippy faucet. It’s a nuisance and certainly a distraction.

Writing: My new best friend? Pandora. It was a free option on our new DVD and it’s a pure delight! I set up my own station to play all piano instrumental, with much of it being George Winston/Windham Hill. Instrumental music tugs at my heart and often takes my ideas a step deeper, all while refusing to compete for attention.

Exercising/Cleaning house: Ah, my two favorite activities in the world. (Thankfully, there’s no lightening in the area this morning) It has to be 70’s, hands down. Brian has said he’d like to hide a camera to see me in action. It’s not pretty—but I get the job done and burn a few boogie oogie oogie calories to boot!

Driving: Teaching from some of my favorite pastors via 106.9: Chip Ingram, James MacDonald, Greg Laurie, and Chuck Swindoll. It feels like one-on-one mini sessions. What a treat!

So what’s playing in your background? Is it spurring you on or shutting you down?

“…for in Him we live and move and exist…” Acts 17:28
-photo courtesy of Can Stock Photo

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