I stumbled upon the Hub City Bookstore in Spartanburg SC several weeks ago while searching for bookstores in the area.

Having been raised in Sparkle City, i.e. Spartanburg, I was intrigued by its downtown location—specifically with it being on the first floor of the Masonic Temple. It’s a place I’d seen all my life but never visited.

Hub City offers a variety of writer’s workshops in a nearby renovated building called The Showroom. And, oh, did I mention the coffee shop and bakery adjacent to the bookshop? Sigh.

My take-home: For Here or To Go? Spartanburg’s Drive-Ins, Drive-Thrus, and Diners by Brandy Lee Lindsey and Baker Maultsby. This nostalgic stroll through the palatable history of my hometown was published by Hub City Writer’s Project.

This venture is one I’d love to see repeated in Greenville SC.

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