by Cathy Baker 

There I was, tapping away at the keys, listening to Pandora play quietly in the background, when in a flash, I found myself standing on green linoleum floors in the middle school choir room practicing “For the Beauty of the Earth” for our Thanksgiving production.

As the song played, my fingertips refused to budge as memories flooded the space. I closed my eyes, longing to soak in those simple times from way back when, if only for a few moments.

Music has a way of instantaneously transporting us to another time and place, wouldn’t you agree? 

Hearing a song that ushered in the Fall season to a long ago middle-schooler caused me to pause and give thanks for this land I love, and to my heavenly Father, maker of heaven of earth.  

Is there a particular song that prompts a spirit of gratitude in your heart, perhaps from way back when?

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