I’m a bonafide multi-tasker.

Who else could belt out Joy to the World while nearly mowing down a couple exiting the local Bi-lo?

The expression on their faces coincided with a gentle shoulder tap from the One who didn’t become flesh to hear me sing about Him—but rather for Him—by remaining in tune with the Spirit.

Since that fateful night in the Bi-lo parking lot, I’ve been reminded just how powerful the practical can be when I am:

  • Igniting my prayer life before the engine, asking God to reveal divine opportunities in living out His joy, mercy, and love to those driving too slowly, the rude and weary waitress, or the woman who plops down 20 items in a 10 item lane.
  • Stopping for pedestrians at the malls, Target, Walmart and alike. (No doubt the couple wished I’d been enlightened on this one a bit sooner.) Better yet, stop and smile as you wave them on, assuring them they’re not an intrusion on your day, but a divine appointment. It’s also the perfect opportunity to pray for them as they make their way ever-so-slowly by your car.
  • Going the extra mile for Salvation Army bucket volunteers by picking up a bottled water for them in addition to your donation. If it’s nippy outside, consider delivering a hot cocoa from a nearby place, thanking them for their willingness to volunteer for the benefit of others.
  • Smiling. Sharing a warm hello. We never know who needs it the most, but God does (the beauty of God’s providential prompts!)

It matters not if any of the above actions are reciprocated. What matters is that we take every opportunity to impart God’s joy instead of simply singing about it.

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