We came home Sunday afternoon to find our Lhasa, Rupert, not acting like himself at all. If you’ve visited us before, you may be thinking it’s a GOOD thing that he’s not acting like himself — but it wasn’t. It was downright scary.

We knew he was emergency clinic bound when: (1) We offered to “go for a ride” (one of his fav things to do). His face screamed “Whippee!” but his body plopped to the floor. (2) Sarah came through the door and instead him jumping up and down (his normal joyful response when he sees the kids), all he could do was lie at her feet.

The vet was unsure of the exact problem other than the pain was located in his back. It could be a slipped disk or it could be a one-time inflammation of some type. Either way, she put him on three meds – two of which has to be taken 3 times a day.

Do you have any idea what’s it like to try and trick an obstinate dog in to eating anything with a pill tucked inside? The last pill I gave him was hidden in so many food groups (unsuccessfully) that it could have been mistaken for a V-8.

If there’s a dog lover reading this, we’re open for suggestions! Actually, we’re desperate for suggestions. 🙂

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