A strap on my favorite pair of shoes broke a few weeks ago so I did what any instant-gratification lover would do: I googled “shoe repair Simpsonville SC” and chose the closest location to me. I wanted it stitched back together but this particular shoe repairman insisted that glue would work just fine. It was instant gratification at its best. I waited 5 minutes and paid 3.00. A dollar for each day the glue lasted.

Today, I drove a mere two miles down the road and discovered Simpsonville’s best kept secret in quality workmanship — it’s AAA Shoe Repair. He stitched my strap together in a matter of minutes and only charged me $5.00. He actually offered not to charge me because of the bum deal I’d gotten from the other place, but I insisted on paying him. His work was worth it.

Why did I settle for a $3.00 glue job when I could’ve had it properly repaired with a stitch for only $2.00 more? Instant gratification at its worst.

I have no problem passing a number of coffee places on my way to Starbucks—and now I’ll have no problem passing by the most “convenient” shoe repair place in Simpsonville to visit AAA just down the road a bit.

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