10 Reasons Why I Hate Heat (defined as anything above 83 degrees):

1. It makes me sweat
2. It means that summer is here
3. It often requires extra showers (see #1)
4. It shrivels my plants (no matter how much I water!)
5. Summer attire is required (I prefer the kind of attire that covers as much of my body as possible)
6. Other women (usually around size 6 and addicted to Coppertone) wearing their summer attire
7. It forces me to do more inside the house rather than the outside
8. I turn into a frizz bomb
9. Heat = Summer = Muggy = Mosquitoes. Need I say more?
10. Bees and fire ants are out in full force. I’m allergic to both

Needless to say, I am so not a lover of summer. I prefer seasons that are not extremely hot or cold. I’m convinced heaven will be Fall-like weather forever. And summer? Well, we know where that season will go.

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