In celebration of the second day of Fall, here are a “few of my favorite things” about the season:

  • it’s the perfect planting season (need I say more?)
  • cool crisp breezes
  • fewer mosquitoes
  • the pecans begin falling in our backyard and I’m immediately taken back to my great-grandmother’s home in Jonesville, SC, where we spent many a Thanksgiving gathering pecans and figs from their yard
  • mountain trips
  • our Anniversary – 18 years in October!
  • hot apple cider
  • crunchy leaves underfoot
  • brilliantly colored leaves painting the sky
  • Fall clothes! Bulky, warm and comfortable – good riddance capris!
  • Yummy apples (Honeycrisp and Jazz are my favorites!)
  • Daylight savings time = being able to start movies sooner in the evening!
  • just the simple smell of autumn. There’s nothing quite like it.

So much for a “few” of my favorite things!

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