Lord, I just pray that… 
Lord, I pray that You would just

The word just crept into my prayer vocabulary without much notice—but now, when spoken, it becomes as obvious as the three earsplitting screeches heard when the Emergency Broadcast System conducts their weekly test, no doubt during a favorite show.

After all, consider the definition:
Just: adv [dʒʌst (unstressed) dʒəst] no more than; merely

My prayers were actually saying: “Lord, I merely pray that…” 

As Christ-followers we’re given freedom to pray for all things (from the smallest of desires to the deepest of struggles.) Our prayers, however, are not ushered into the presence of One who desires to do “just enough” in the lives of His people. 

Perhaps there’s no one word in your prayer life that triggers such a thought, but have you considered that you too may be asking God for just enough of something instead of praying in expectation for God to do something amazing? 

The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. 
James 5:16

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