I said “no” to something on Tuesday that I’ve not declined in months. (Hint: it’s frozen, yet pliable enough for scooping, 500+ calories, and chock full of cookie dough)

So why say “no” this time? It wasn’t a matter of being too full or not in the mood for ice cream (is there such a mood?)

I said “no” to ice cream that night in order to say “yes” to a healthier me for a lifetime.

It’s simple but true: Saying “no” to one thing allows us to say “yes” to something else—usually of greater value.

  • “No” to TV = “Yes” to quietness, quality time with the Lord and family, reading a good book.
  • “No” to splurging = “Yes” to wise spending, saving, ability to help others in need.
  • “No” to busyness = “Yes” to abundant living
  • “No” to always saying “yes” to everyone = “Yes” to understanding you can’t be everything to everyone…nor should you.

Perhaps I’m the last one to board this train, but this simple principle is a life-changer for me. It seems so obvious yet it’s too often neglected.

What about you? To what (or whom) can you say “no” to this week in order to say “yes” to God’s best?

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