The following was originally posted October 2012. With Halloween falling on the same day as our closing of the #write31days challenge, it seemed only fitting.

Thank you for joining me on this October journey, and especially tonight in prayer.


On this Halloween night, pray.

Seven years ago, I received a call from a woman in a class I was teaching at the time. She asked if she could stop by and talk for awhile. I didn’t know her, but the heaviness in her spirit was obvious.

We sat face to face, her tears falling hard, and words barely pouring forth for the heaving. Finally, she was able to share that as a young child, her
parents forced her to participate in Satanic rituals every Halloween
night. Babies and children were sacrificed in deep basements—here, in
our city.

The more
details she shared, the sicker I felt. An unspeakable oppression
hovered. We moved to our front porch. I had to catch clean air and fresh mercy.
We talked, prayed, and then she drove away.

we’ve since lost touch, she wrote me several years ago sharing how
she’d become active in her church, praising God for removing her night
terrors, and replacing them with the reality of freedom, grace, and
mercy. Only God, only God.

to say, I will never view Halloween the same. I hope I’m not alone now that you’ve read this true story. You see, she was convinced that human sacrifices still take place every October
31st. We know the enemy’s forces have not diminished — so
now, I pray for the innocent on this night, and I ask you to join me.


“Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.”
1 John 4

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