With one week of Weight Watchers under my soon-to-be-thinner belt, three distinct similarities have surfaced between it and my love of writing:

Clear goals are a must. Obviously, my goal is to lose weight, but if that is my only goal in Weight Watchers, what happens once the pounds disappear? Desiring a healthier body will take me much further for all the right reasons. In writing, what happens when the rejection letters flood my inbox? Since my ultimate goal is to glorify Christ, then I can rest when His results look much different than those I desire (someone please remind me of this on a regular basis!)

Discipline is not a dirty word. I was delusional to think I could continue eating the way I’ve always eaten as I approach my final “40th” year. In the same way, how can I expect to receive all those rejection acceptance emails if I’m not disciplining myself to write on a consistent basis?

Community is key. For months, Edie tried to convince me that the Weight Watchers meetings held the key to success—and for months, I was too stubborn to believe her—and then I attended. Of course, she was right! Rub elbows with those who share your dreams and watch the sparks fly.

Image courtesy of ifood.tv

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