The 31 Day Writing Challenge is Underway!

by Cathy Baker

{ Day 7 }

It’s no wonder Brian has “threatened” to secretly videotape me during the day. I can’t explain it, but when 70’s music cranks, so do I. Floors get swept, dishes get washed and books get dusted—all while pulling out my favorite ’70’s dance moves. 

Music has run like an undercurrent throughout my life, emotionally tugging at the deepest, most silent parts within. I shared a few music milestones in a 2009 post so I’ll spare you a repeat here. I didn’t share, however, the role hymns and spiritual songs have played, and continue to play, in my grace story. 

Divorced twice by the age of 27, I was laden with shame, defeat, and little hope. I’d left my first husband for another, and the “another” left me the following year. Though the rubble of consequences still fall around me at times, I thank God for allowing me to hit rock bottom—and hard. It was only then that I came to understand my desperate need for a Savior. 

Lyrics from “After All”

I became a Christ-follower, God blessed me with an amazing husband (celebrating 24 years this month!), two boys I adored (and still do) and He even gave me the opportunity to stay home with the boys. I was, and continue to be, overwhelmed by His grace and mercy to me.

So imagine my hearing an old-school tune like Babbie Mason’s After All a few years down the road. I remember many a day playing that song and singing it back to the Lord, words inaudible but clearly heard by my heavenly Father. Even today, many years later, the lyrics stir a gut-wrenching gratefulness that rarely fails to move me to tears.

After All

Verse One
I heard you calling. I felt you knocking. But I drew
further from You everyday. I knew better, still my heart grew colder. And
I just kept on going my own way.

But after all was
said and done with me. After all 

my pride then my fall. I was so amazed
to still find you there. After all I’ve done You still loved me after

Verse Two
Your eyes said welcome. Your arms were
open. How could I ever doubt Your love was real. You never mentioned all
my past rejections. Words can’t express the way that makes me feel.

Verse Three
To freely forgive is so hard to do. But You completely
forgave. And now I will spend my whole life with You. After all, forever
and always.

Staying in Step with the Spirit: The word “music” is used 90 times in scripture (NIV version). One indication of the Spirit-filled life is the desire to sing. Whether it’s singing about God or to Him, it delights His heart (and ears!)

Heavenly Father, thank You for the gift of music. Just as the voice of a child sounds angelic to his/her parents regardless of age or ability, You too delight in the sound of our hearts raised high for Your glory. 

What’s one particular psalm, hymn, or spiritual song that ushers you immediately into the presence of the Lord? 

Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world. 
-Martin Luther
…be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord… Ephesians 5:18b-19


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