Friday Fave: My New Ride

For the past twelve years, I’ve driven a red 1999 Honda CRV. Recently, a friend I’d not seen in five years tracked me down in the produce section of Publix because she’d seen my CRV and knew I was there. This is why I decided to feature my new ride today—a 2008 Honda Odyssey. 

For family and friends in town, this may not be as distinctive as a bright red cherry on wheels but hopefully you’ll spot me. Just look for a black Odyssey with an open sunroof and a woman pushing the button on her steering wheel to up the volume (unless Piper is in the back, of course. 🙂

Some have asked “Why a van?”

Two reasons alone dictated this choice:

1. Grandchildren. It’s one of the safest and roomiest vehicles on the road.
2. My traveling woes. We’re hoping a DVD player playing Lark Rise to Candleford in the backseat will help in those efforts. And I’m sure the grandchildren won’t mind it either. 

Have a great weekend, everyone! 

My Friday Fave: Lark Rise to Candleford

One of my favorite Christmas gifts came in the form of 14 discs, penned by Flora Thompson between 1939 and 1943.

What makes Lark Rise to Candleford a fave:

  • Breathtaking scenery. Late 19th century England countryside at its best.
  • Characters. In every sense of the word. Some sweet, some sassy.
  • Wholesome plots. How often can you say that these days?
  • Minnie, the maid. She’s my favorite character of all. Quirky and a true delight.

Lark Rise to Candleford is shown on ETV Saturday and Sunday nights at 7:00. Check your local listing for more information.

Or, if you prefer to clear 34 episodes (and counting) off the DVR, pick up the complete collection here. You won’t be disappointed. 

British Classics. It’s my one weakness. 

If you’re a fan, who is your favorite character and why?


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