How to Bless Those You Met At The Writer’s Conference (and 4 Highlights From Blue Ridge)

BRmtnsNow that the dust is settling from last week’s Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference, highlights {and ideas} are beginning to surface.

First, the highlights:







Highlight: Meeting Helen McIntosh

Forging new friendships and celebrating established ones. There was a time in February when I considered not attending Blue Ridge this year (gasp!). I didn’t have a particular project to pitch, and with us prepping for a move I thought the money should be allocated toward that goal, but it was Brian who insisted I go — “if for no other reason than to re-connect with friends you only see once a year”. Yep, that’s my hubby! Turns out, this was a defining year at Blue Ridge when it came to meeting new friends and deepening established ones. Rosie Williams (fellow Hope Writer!) Robin Luftig, Leigh Ann Thomas, Tammy Van Gils, Jodie Bailey, Meredith Mills, Donna Nabors, Karen Friday, Jean Wilund, Nan Jones and sweet Helen McInstosh, author of Messages to Myself, Overcoming a Distorted Self-Image, are just some of the new friends I met last week, and look forward to establishing relationships with in the coming years.



Eva Marie Everson’s Visual of Nehemiah’s Wall. I admit I was tired and ready for my evening pick-me-up (which usually consisted of peanut butter crackers and a soda) when Eva Marie told everyone to get up at the end of her keynote speech and stand around the room. Four hundred + people lined the walls as she read from Nehemiah, exhorting everyone to take their place at the “wall”, much like the 44 separate groups of people who had specific tasks to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. There was a job for every group, each person, to fulfill — and our calling is no different, regardless of what it is. I can’t do what you do in exactly the same way and vice versa because God handcrafted each of us. We literally broke the mold! You have your place at the wall, and I have mine. Now let’s get to it!



BRcoffeeIt’s not just about the coffee. It rarely is, right? Starbucks sells an experience, and it’s no different for the Clouds Cafe on the Ridgecrest Conference campus. Yes, it’s newly renovated but the polished floors and expanded menu are not what makes this gathering place memorable. It’s the people who serve/volunteer there. Women like Loretta and Linda (lovingly known to Marcia Moston and me as the “froth queens”). Seeing their smiles is an experience I look forward to every single year.





God Stepped Up When I Stepped Out…of My Comfort Zone. Two friends made this clear at Blue Ridge. One quietly offered me a hand to join in the adventure. The other threw me overboard to sink or swim. I love them both and God used both approaches to reveal Himself.

BRDDmerevisedDee Dee Parker, while staying in my room Saturday night, came up with the brilliant idea (at 2:00 AM)  to do a fun video the next morning on the subject of snacks at Blue Ridge, or the lack thereof, in our nearby vending machine. Now I’m the girl who doesn’t even like to have my picture taken but something inside (perhaps it was the lack of sleep) said, “Go for it!” And we did. {2Peasin1LittlePod…Productions! #wejustwanttobeablessing} We proceeded to do two more videos that were also well received. (Thank you!) But what touched us most was the feedback from those who shared how our friendship was so evident on the video. Some even said they wanted to attend the conference next year to be a part of the fun. “Comfort zone” Cathy would not have dared to shoot a silly video but because Dee Dee invited me to join in the fun, and I was willing to step over the proverbial line between silly and serious, new friends were made and from what we’re still hearing, many were blessed. To God be the glory!

BRLoriresizedbLori Roeleveld, sweet friend and mentor in many ways, scooted shoved me out of my comfort zone a little differently. After I shared how I’ve never liked being called out in a class setting with Lori over lunch, she promptly stood up, shouting to Jim Rubart, one table over, how he needed to put me on the spot in the next session. Really? 🙂 It wasn’t until I actually began considering skipping that class the next day that I knew this was much bigger than my insecurities. Feeling certain that Jim’s class was one I needed to attend, it was no surprise the enemy would try to use an innocent and well intended shout-out to prompt my fears into action. Not only did I attend the final class, I thanked Lori for the outburst that initially had me shaken because it led to an opportunity to stand steadfast, stomping my fears into smithereens.


blessing fellow writers-1

Edie Melson, our fearless leader and Director of the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference, encouraged us to exchange business cards with one another again this year. While there’s an array of reasons for doing this, there is one I’ve overlooked in the past⎯the opportunity to pray for fellow writers. Now, as I begin to write each morning, I will lay my hands on the piles of cards and pray for them, for us. Prayers like:

  • business cardsKeep our motives pure, Lord. (Psalm 139: 23,24) Flesh pinches the tenderest of places, tempting us to put the spotlight on ourselves, our name, our brand, when our greatest desire is to reflect You, Your name, and Your kingdom alone.
  • Keep our priorities aligned in a way that is pleasing to You, Lord. What do we gain if our name is on a book but find it no longer written on the hearts of those we love?
  • Keep our eyes fixed on You, Jesus. For You are the pioneer and perfecter of our faith. Let the things on earth grow strangely dim as we rejoice and write in the light of your love.
  • Help us run this journey as companions, not competitors. There is no room in the kingdom for competition. This is not Your desire for us. We are on the same team: Team Your Glory.
  • Infuse our writing with divine creativity for You are Creator! Your Spirit indwells within us, equipping us to write beyond our means. As Al Gansky said in his keynote speech, “Creativity Begins With The Creator.” Amen.
  • Help us to release our work for Your glory. Some are called to plant, and some to water, but You alone, God, bring growth, landing our work in the places of Your choosing. We don’t need to manipulate, beg, or sulk. Help us to embrace truth — that You are for us, not against us, even when we cannot see, hear, or feel You at work.
  • Help us to find our validation in You alone, Jesus.

Now it’s your turn! Please take a moment to share one of your highlights from last week’s conference (or another one!). Or, feel free to share which of the above prayers you will begin praying for yourself, as well as fellow writers.


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What I Should Have Said From the Get-Go (And a Dayspring Giveaway!)

This is not what I’d planned.

Today was supposed to be about sharing numerous ways to use our prayer journals, but something my pastor’s wife, Emily, shares in an upcoming post made me re-think the premise of this post.

So, what did she say? 

It went something like this, and I should’ve said it from the get-go.

While having a regular time with the Father is a holy, beautiful privilege⎯our  salvation, His love for us, His acceptance of us⎯is not dependent on it.

As we bring the Drawing Close to the Father series to a close I want us to embrace grace and freedom through Christ, rather than finding another way to do something. Please don’t hear me say that journaling (or using any other tool) should be shunned — no way! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have my own well-worn journals lining the shelves, nor would I be giving away one of the most beautiful journals I’ve come across in a long time.

This month, we learned valuable insights from friends who graciously allowed us to get a glimpse of their personal times with the Lord. Thank you Marcia, Lori, and Dee Dee. Although the series is coming to a close, the glimpses will continue every first Saturday in 2016. In February, Edie Melson will be our guest. You will not want to miss it!

If you’ve followed my blog for long you know I love to share a little treat (my grandfather always referred to this type of treat as a “sercy”) at the end of every monthly series. So, last week I came across this Dayspring journal. While tempted to keep it for my own {just keeping it real!} I knew it had a bigger purpose. I pray this sercy will bless one of you during your time with the Father. And I love the saying on the front cover: When God speaks, take good notes.

To enter the drawing, you simply need to answer this random question in the comment section. (If you have trouble leaving a comment for some reason, please private message me on Facebook.)

So here’s the question: What book are you currently reading OR what’s the next book you plan to read?

Me? I’m currently reading Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert. Love it!

Oh! In case you’re wondering about our February series you need wonder no more. Check out the image below. (Loving my new camera, thanks to the hubster! The snowy day did its part, too.)

 Beginning Monday, February 1st…


Marcia Moston: A Glimpse Into Her Quiet Time

by Cathy Baker

don’t know about you, but when I’m struggling to grow in a
particular area of my life I consider scripture first, and then, if
needed, I also seek out wisdom from those whom I observe have a godly
grasp on that particular struggle. 

for this reason I’ve asked three such women to share their personal
experiences with us this month in relation to their time with God because I always consider myself a WIP (work in progress)…maybe you do as well. 

Today I’m delighted to share with you the thoughts of Marcia Moston, a woman whom I respect immensely. I met Marcia years ago at our local writer’s group. Her vibrant relationship with the Lord is evident, and it’s a privilege to call her friend. 

Thank you, Marcia, for graciously allowing us a glimpse into your quiet time with the Lord.

What Happens When the Fragrance of Christ Mixes With Metal

Having the likes of Edie Melson and Marcia Moston in our local writer’s group Cross N Pens is a tremendous boon for those of us striving to hone our skills.

Over the weekend, our group enjoyed a mini-workshop featuring both of these talented women. Below are just a few tidbits from their talks. 

Marcia Moston, author of Call of a Coward, spoke on Creative Non-fiction (the 4th genre!) In addition to creative writing prompts, Marcia shared wisdom from her own experience, as well as quotes, all of which will stick with me:

  • Every story has a human face. Draw it well and put it on display, for to readers it is a magnet. -Francis Flaherty, editor The New York Times
  • When writing memoirs, we need to remember it’s not about us. We’re like the Disney cart on a ride. We’re simply the vehicle to a bigger picture.
  • Marcia shared pages of information on crafting true stories. Let’s just say I’m a new fan of Rick Bragg’s.

Edie Melson, author of Fighting Fear and Co-Director of Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference spoke on what it means to support our writing through writing. It didn’t hurt that she handed out two pages of markets willing to pay for our work. (Thanks Edie!) Her advice, however, far surpassed the value found on any piece of paper. Below are a few of Edie’s takeaways:

  • Stay out of our comfort zones! Take chances. If we’re not willing to do so, we’re not seen as marketable. 
  • The key to a good query letter is a good story. 
  • What does the word deadline actually mean? Writing when you don’t feel like it. 

Sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with so many gifted writers spurred me on to become even more serious about my craft. Wisdom and godly conviction crossed paths that morning and I was grateful to be smack dab in the middle of this intersection.
Let’s just say, the fragrance of Christ had a hint of metal to it as it rose upwards this past Saturday morning!

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

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