What’s New? How I Deal With Silly Blunders

by Cathy Baker

While giving a book review on Twyla Tharp’s, The Creative Habit, at this month’s writers’ meeting, I pronounced creatively
as if it was a five syllable word: cre-a-tiv-e-ly. I caught it before
it left my tongue but by then it was too late. Let’s just say the review
quickly morphed into comic relief. I’m still getting emails from group
members saying how much they enjoyed it. As comedian Mark Lowery used
to say, “I just wanna be a blessing!”

Not so long ago, questions like, What kind of writer mispronounces such a common word? Will my peers think I’m stupid? would’ve pummeled by conscience for days. Truth
is, I’ve been creating “new” words, sharing Southernisms (common words
for Southerners, not so common to others), unintentionally reversing the
order of well-known phrases, and mispronouncing your favorite words for
years. (Brian has kept a running tab of my new,
funky and mispronounced word choices for the past twenty-five years, just for the fun of it.)

A number of touch-points in recent months, however, have given me a NEW way of approaching my silly blunders, and that is to ask myself the question: So what? 

Do I care what others think? Of course I do, but it’s when I become overly concerned that the hissing of self-judgment slithers its way to my heart, leaving it vulnerable to the enemy of lies. 

Bottom line, if God isn’t offended by my blunders, I shouldn’t be either. Oh the joy that comes in knowing that the Hard-Wirer of my soul loves me, my quirks, my endless blunders—and dare I say, my comic relief?

Your turn! When your words or actions fumble are you quick to recover? Please say you do these things. 🙂

we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which
God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10

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