by Cathy Baker @cathysbaker

After an 8 week recoup time last November, I’d planned to hop back on the Weight Watchers wagon without missing a beat. And then Oprah and her bread-eating self entered the picture and everything changed. The plan (PointsPlus™) I credit for helping me lose 30 pounds last year switched over to SmartPoints™.


Flexibility is one of the main reasons I chose Weight Watchers last year, and now there is very little of that, especially for those of us with a sweet tooth. {Despite my sugar allowances, I passed every health requirement for insurance with flying colors⎯the first time in years.}

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Having choices on the PointsPlus™ plan also helped me to not feel deprived. I’m concerned many will end up feeling exactly that on the new plan, but we all have our choices to make, and with those choices, changes. My change included cancelling my membership. I’m sticking with the PointsPlus™ plan using my old calculator. Yes, I miss not being able to access online tools but it’s worth the sacrifice. I know what works for me, and even though it’s harder to stay on track without the support of the Weight Watchers leaders (whom I love by the way!), I’m determined to try.

So, while change is often a good thing, this one doesn’t feel like it. I’m disappointed, a little timid about going it alone, and a tad frustrated that the company had to go and change what was working for many people.

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I hope the new program will be the right direction for many. I really do.

How about you? Has anything changed in your life lately as a result of choices made by others? Hopefully, it’s a good change! Please share in the comment section.


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