Whooo Loves Owl Craft Ideas?

I am Cathy Baker and I love all things owls.

Let’s see, my purse is covered in owls, they’re displayed throughout my house, I have more notebooks with owl covers than I care to admit, and oh yes, my two softest blankets are smothered in owls.

You get the idea.

So when I thought of a love for this Fall, how could I not feature owls on one of these #write31days?

Felt and Pinecone Owl Ornaments
These are actually ornaments but as you can see, they make
adorable book props for this season. Easy enough to
craft with the kids!
Owl Candy Jars DIY
Check out this “Hoot-tastic” homemade gift in a jar,
courtesy of Club Chica-Circle {one uber cool site!}
Pom-Pom Owl
Are these adorable or what?
Be still my heart.
Do you consider yourself crafty? I don’t, but nowadays the tutorials make it possible.

Fall Decorating – 16 Ideas!

When I jotted down these fall ideas for this month’s challenge awhile back, this idea made the cut.

My plans included a walk through my yard, a pair of clippers, and lots of photos. But the weather has a way of changing things up, much like the seasons.

So I took to the internet to find ideas much more creative than I could ever dream up — and while there were many, none quite compared to this recent post on Houzz.

In Laura Gaskill’s article, Decorating With Nature in Fall and Winter, she shares sixteen unique and creative ideas, like this one with the clipped branches from a sugar maple tree. It serves to celebrate the season in all its glory like none other. Even the fallen leaves on the floor add to the celebration!

Other natural items used in the article above are feathers, branches (with lights — love!), leaves for natural fall garlands, etc.

Stop by and take a look! All the ideas are on one page so there’s no irritating pauses between clicks.




Transitional Staircase by Rockport Architects & Building Designers Priestley + Associates Architecture

Mix It Up This Fall! Top Three Trail Mix Recipes


Top Three Trail Mixes
{Enjoy with family or scoop some into bags for gifts!}
Whether prepping for a hike during this Fall season or switching up your snack options, I’ve scoured the internet in search of the yummiest trail mix options. I found them courtesy of a newfound Pinterest {awesome} find, Craftionary.
Click on the links below for the recipe. The final recipe is listed, as the Web site where this recipe originated from is no longer available. (I like to give credit where credit is due whenever possible.)


Halloween Trash Mix


Combine party Chex mix and/or trail mix with candy corn, popcorn, and gummy worms. Serve in paper bag. Perfect for gifts!


Do any of the above mixes catch your fancy? Let me know which one you’re most likely to try first in the comment section. I’m going for the Halloween Trash Mix if for no other reason than I get to scoop them in paper bags. Shallow, I know.


Dream A Little Dream With Me

Okay, I realize the song title is a bit different but since I’m pretty certain you don’t want to dream a little dream of me, I’m inviting you to dream a little dream with me.

The Daily Health Post reports that there are actual health benefits to dreaming/daydreaming!

So, let’s step outside, walk on a leaf-strewn path, find a comfy bench at the park, lay in a hammock…and dream a little!

With all the serious facets of life as our foundation (faith, family, health, etc.), it’s fun to dream of the “what if’s” and the “I wonder’s” as long as our contentment meter doesn’t get out of whack.

Since I only know the dreams rumbling around in my head (and it’s my birthday!) I’ll get the ball rolling. See if anything resonates in your own heart.


A house — tiny, small, or on stilts, I don’t care…
as long as it’s in the NC mountains…
with a view, or at least the feel, of the mountains surrounding me.
(The perfect writing nook, wouldn’t you agree?)
Did I mention the winding tree-shrouded private driveway leading up to it?
(Look, Brian! No grass to mow.)
Williams Sonoma
And don’t forget the chicken coop! I’ve already named three of my chickens:
Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, Grilled…I’m serious.
Bye Bye big bucks for organic eggs!

Umm, did I cross a line in naming my future chickens? Just keeping it real here! So how about you? What’s one thing you dream about doing or becoming?


Gratitude… Spelled Out By Hand

by Cathy Baker

There is a gratefulness often gone unspoken, relying only on assumptions between two people. Then it’s too late, and assumptions ripen into regrets never fulfilled this side of heaven.

It’s for this reason I decided to bundle six notes of gratitude together to slip into my hubby’s luggage for a recent trip to France. With our 25th wedding anniversary just around the corner {actually, it’s today!)}, it was the perfect opportunity to leave all assumptions behind.

So I purchased a pack of note cards and began writing one for each day he was to be away, spelling out why I’m grateful for him.

Sunday’s card shared what he could expect throughout the week. A Week of Gratefulness, if you will.

Monday focused on how grateful I am for his relationship with Christ, for it is from that relationship that all else flows.

Tuesday through Thursday were specific things I’m grateful for, character-wise, and I ended Friday’s note by sharing how grateful I am for how hard he works. I chose to end the week focused on work because it doesn’t define who he is…it’s simply what he does. And he does it well. He’s one of the hardest workers I know, and for that, I am very grateful.

Did anyone in particular come to mind as you read today’s post? Grab the phone or pen and paper…don’t hesitate another moment…let the gratitude flow. 

You’ll never regret it.

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